I’m just going to spew out anything that comes to mind in this post.

I finally got the cable hooked up to my tv in my room, now I’m practically hooked to tv. Seems like everytime i turn it on, there is something for me to watch. One problem is that i enjoy watching the mindless shows, and the shows that are educational, so i end up watching alot. History channel, discovery channel, spike network, cartoon network, comedy central, etc. I also end up watching alot of star trek, (yeah yeah, i know, its nerdy, yet entertaining).

I bought this whiskey called knob creek, quite good, it’s 100 proof, and really smooth. I love my whiskey. =D

The effects of not having a job for a year is becoming more and more apparent. I have to carefully plan out all expenses, and even open up the piggy bank for extra funds. The trip to Hawaii won’t be easy on my bank account. I’m worried about finding a job after i get back from my trip, i’m sure it wont be easy to find one.

I have recently been able to hang out with my ex-gf without getting all nostalgic, i suppose thats a good thing. I never wanted to push her out of my life completely. At one time i considered her my best friend. It’s a shame that sometimes a relationship can get in the way of that friendship. I think at this point of my life, i’m finally able to relax and pay attention to the things that matter. Gotta look foward to the future, and forget the past.

I still miss my mother.

my ps2 game review

Since I am relatively bored during the weekdays, i have found much time to play video games on my once barely used PS2. Here are my takes on some recent games I’ve played. Not that anyone who reads this cares anyway.

Kingdom Hearts II – Fun game, featuring disney characters, cool fighting system. Game was really entertaining until i got to this one battle that drove me insane. After trying to defeat this one character for about 2 hours straight, which was about 40 times, I just threw down the controller, turned off the ps2, and returned the game.
Monster Rancher EVO – Played it for about… 30 minutes, boring as all hell. What in the world was i thinking when i picked up the game from the shelf.Not sure what to rent next, hopefully it wont suck like the last game.


We should demand Clinton to come back.


Well here is something that will hopefully cheer you up.

rediculous hype

All this hype over Brad and Angelina's kid is rediculous, everyone thinks it's going to turn out to be some super beautiful kid when it grows up, I think the opposite. I bet it gets all the recessive genes and turns out looking like the white Micheal Jackson with big Angelina lips or something. It's just a damn baby. It's not the coming of the next messiah or whatever. This one website even created a countdown clock, counting the minutes until the kid turns 18….


Saw an interesting bumper sticker yesterday while on the road. At first I saw the PETA sticker, but when I read the fine line under it, it said "People Eating Tasty Animals". Thought that was pretty funny. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals, but I'm all for eating them too.

edit: Wow, a friend of mine showed me this site

Disturbing stuff.

dave is too funny

making fun of R.Kelly is always funny.
(press the play button in the center, otherwise it opens in a popup window)

also, meet my new bike

gt avalanche 3.0


Funniest thing I heard this week:

“forensic vagina inspector”

Don’t ask. lol.

sleepy kitty making biscuits

thanks alita for the link. :)

Press the play button in the center of the video.

bloodhound gang

Always loved the pacman part of this video. Although most of their songs weren’t anything to think twice about. So don’t kill me if you hate the song, watch it just for the pacman part.

funny stuff

Funny Norm skit involving pokemon.

Bruce Almighty clip


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